..."it’s MacNevin’s hypnotising portrayal of a fragile and innocent loner that uplifts the quality of the dead teen film"...

Sacha Hall, The Hollywood News

..."it’s thanks to star Ellen MacNevin, who delivers a tour-de-force performance as Emily, that this films final girl is so multi-faceted. Emily is at once shy, retiring and innocent; AND caring, motherly and strong. ... MacNevin is a real coup for the production"...

Phil Wheat, Nerdly

"MacNevin is given a lot to do and with a less talented lead Suspension could have collapsed, instead she is one of the best things in the film."

Steven Hickey, UK Horror Scene

"Ellen MacNevin brings an authentic humanity to the role it feels true to life.  She’s so sweet and innocent, which makes her inherently likable; she possesses mental instability and an underlying mania which makes her interesting; ...  For a ”final girl”, she has layers of depth, and if you took away the horror element, the movie would still be interesting to watch just to see her character unfold."

Attack of the Couch Potato